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FSL Lighting is a world leader in LED light, in both residential and commercial. Owned by Chinese listed company Foshan Lighting Corporation, established in 1958.

The FSL brand has earned a reputation for quality LED lighting and sold over 100 million LEDs in 2015.
FSL is established in 20 international markets and is now here in New Zealand to enable your business to take advantage of the saving.

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Savings to your business

Lighting can be a significant cost to any business. FSL offers businesses an immediate way of saving on lighting costs, up to 80%! This makes payback faster and gets your business saving on operating costs.

FSL can also help with finance, so you can start the savings now. See below. FSL will audit your lighting requirement and come back with potential savings! 

A full commercial range

 FSL have the full range of commercial and industrial lighting. Whether you have an office or a warehouse,
FSL have the solution

Lighting design with 3D Modeling

FSL offers a comprehensive lighting design service using the latest technology. Using 3D modeling to get the best lighting for the specific environment. FSL will audit your lighting requirement and come back with the potential savings!

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 In addition to providing you options for considerable power savings and a great ROI, we can also make the investment extremely affordable through our financing options. Through our finance partners we can offer including options of;

Equipment and Installation financing
Monthly lease payments
Discounted purchasing options

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